About Us

The ETHOS Academy

The ETHOS Academy is a virtual training platform designed to ignite cultural change through adaptive ethics and leadership training. This training equips officers and employees with strategies to create a healthy pro-social environment where the officers, employees, and organization thrive ethically to better serve their customers and communities.

ETHOS Training Academy

Our Mission

To become part of your agency, invested in its success, to ignite transformational change through ethics and leadership training that empowers your employees and organization to better serve their community.

Analytics Pyramid

The ETHOS Wellness Model

The ETHOS Academy provides the foundation of wellness for organizations through the implementation of the of the Adaptive Ethics Program, Leadership Development Program, The Lifelong Learner Program, and the ETHOS Analytics. These programs are designed to create ethical employees who practice self-leadership to act with moral courage building a culture of integrity.

The ETHOS Triad

The ETHOS Academy equips employees with successful strategies for addressing bias, social paradigms, group think, and community perceptions to create a pro-social environment through ethics and leadership training.


The ETHOS Academy Goals

Understand the cultural and community aspects that create the societal perceptions and expectations within your industry.

Instill strategies for processing information for the current and next generation of employees to improve wellness.

Induce adaptive change through ethics and leadership training.

Create an environment, at all levels of the organization, for employees to thrive ethically.

We explain the “Why” of ethics and leadership but focus on the “How” to implement successful strategies.

Equip employees with successful strategies for addressing bias, social paradigms, and community perceptions that create a prosocial environment through ethics and leadership training.

Build organizations with employees that thrive ethically from the day they are hired through retirement “Ethical Body Armor.”

Society is moving in the direction of “higher employee accountability” for the individual employee, and the organization as a whole. Our goal is to get your organization and employees in front of this.

Create an organization that sustains a “Culture of Integrity.”

Begin the process of “Cognitive Redefinition” through dynamic articulation and teaching of ethics and leadership strategies. Start the engine of “Organizational Change” for improved wellness.

Trained with ETHOS Academy

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