Leadership Development Program

Great Businesses Are Built By “Great Leaders”, Not Managers!

Welcome to The ETHOS Academy Leadership Development Program

Accelerate your business’s growth and unleash your team’s true potential by instilling world-class self-leadership skills.

Based on proven military leadership strategies, our premium leadership training program is created to suit civilian organizations. Following the same concepts taught to Army Rangers, Special Operations Forces, and executive military leaders, we enable your staff to act with unparalleled moral courage.

Great Leaders Are “Made”, Not Born!

In an increasingly demanding and challenging global recruitment market, effective leadership is the key to success. Chalk it up to the ever-changing social, economic, or political turmoil, stronger, better, and more vigilant leaders can lead organizations through turbulent and rough times. Now, more than ever, the need to align values and maximize motivation throughout the organization means effective leadership holds top priority for most successful organizations.

As the socio-economic conditions evolve, it’s crucial to fully develop and hone the leadership capabilities of every member. The ability to effectively lead and motivate - requires a very complex set of skills, mostly acquired through experiences, self-development as well as access to subsequent training.

ETHOS Executive Coaching and Mentorship Program

How Effective is “Self Leadership”?

Good things don’t happen overnight. Like all things in life, they happen with hard work. Similarly, self-leadership is actualized by implementing the teachings and committing to the process. The practices can be implemented immediately and it takes around 6 months to see the full potential of breakthrough training sessions. 

It’s a habit that takes time, practice, and mindset to drive optimum results. We help you identify the vision and provide you with the vehicle to achieve it. 

Why Ethos?

At Ethos, we believe effective leadership is not limited to the top tiers. To fully exploit the competitive advantage of the workforce, it is essential to train all members of the organization. With each member of your organization attaining the status of “self-leadership”, the snowball effect gives rise to a performance exceeding your expectations. 

Thanks to vast experience, detail-oriented research, and attention to detail, Ethos can deliver talent training and succession programs across diverse industries. Together, we can help you and your workforces thrive personally and professionally.

How Do We Work?

Unlike traditional leadership training programs, Ethos Academy derives military application and experience-building concepts from the Army Leader Development Strategy.

The time-tested and proven strategies are specifically tailored to generate optimum results for civilian leadership development programs.  

Succeed Now and Into the Future With ETHOS

Acquire winning personal growth Unlock the potential to create winning teams, attract top talent, and create the culture of performance your organization needs to accelerate results.

Why do Leading Companies Choose ETHOS?

Drive Growth

ETHOS training programs drive growth by enabling leadership at all levels - from the top to the bottom. As problems get solved where and when they arise by direct supervisors, growth is inevitable. 

Increase Effectiveness

Great businesses rely on great teams, not ideas. In order to build teams and help them achieve maximum effectiveness, ETHOS gives the tools for self-development.

Skyrocket  Engagement

Build a culture of continuous performance management and motivate your employees by reaching out to each member.

Align to Common Goals

Build frontline and backline managers by aligning the goals throughout the organization. Expect drastic improvement in execution. 

Smooth Onboarding

ETHOS ensures your employees willingly execute the strategies since each area focuses on fueling personal transformations. Less conflict = Happy employees.

Competitive Pricing

ETHOS offers competitive pricing packages for individuals and organizations tailored to their requirements.

Best Solutions For All Your People Management Needs

At ETHOS, our senior-level executives have only one purpose - Your Success. 

We are not JUST a leadership training program; we invest our time and energy towards achieving game-changing and measurable success. As we work together, we focus on strategizing the most suitable route for your people management needs. 

Allow us to enable your organization and employees to play their due part in serving themselves, their goals, and the community at large.

Find Out Why Businesses Love Working With Us

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The ETHOS Leadership Development Program Is Perfect For You If:

The ETHOS Leadership Development Program Is NOT for You If: 

In-Person Events & On-Site Training

Make Your Workforce Your Asset

Are you ready to unleash the true power of your workforce? Leverage the system developed by our senior level executives who’ve worked with over 10,000 employees.  The astoundingly insightful program creates a sense of empowerment for all those involved to skyrocket security and feelings of belonging. 

Your employees no longer feel like “cogs in a big machine” thus enabling them to be real, open, and engaged consistently.

Still on the Verge? Talk To Us

Welcoming an outside party to your organization can be pretty stressful. We get it. 

But we know you are committed to your employees’ and businesses’ success. 

We urge you to talk to us and get to know more about our values, purpose, and mission. Let’s build great teams together!