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Jeffrey S. Crapo

From the desk of Jeff Crapo

Dear friend, 

Are you a high-performing individual who wants to land a better job?

Or you’ve just started in the job market and want to get a head start from your colleagues?

Or you’ve always wanted a professional executive resume without the unjustified price tag?

Then, this Resume Builder Kit is for you…

Our professional team has put in thousands of hours of research and years of tweaking to finally curate a resume template that can force employers to sit up and take notice. 

All instructions are laid out in an easy-to-understand format so that anyone can use them to drive maximum benefit. 

Simply plug in your details to impress more employers and increase your chance of landing a high-level job by 10x. 

And that’s not us saying

According to research by Talent Inc., 2019, 68% of job seekers with professionally crafted resumes found jobs within 90 days.

It’s time you upgraded your resume to clearly highlight your strengths and confidently apply to the position you’ve been eyeing for a long time. 

Here is Exactly What You Are Getting in Our Resume Builder Kit…

Unlike the FREE resume builder templates available online everywhere, the ETHOS academy resume builder kit includes a proven framework that has been used in the Department of Defense and the private sector.

Uncover detailed instructions on how to tackle your own life story as well as the seemingly tiny elements that you never thought of to build a resume that goes all nine yards. 

You also have access to real-life sample resumes helping you write your own in no time.

How We Are Different From Anything You’ve Tried Before… 

You’re hired! Let me guess, you’ve waited long enough to hear these two words. 

Want to know why we are so confident our resume builder process works and how it’s different?

Because we are finally revealing the secret resume-building trick that most professionals miss out on. Our second-to-none process has been used by men and women to secure high-level government and military positions and those who have transitioned to the civilian workforce. 

Surely, It Must Be Expensive…Right?

You’re indeed getting more help with Ethos Academy Resume Builder Kit than you would with any other program around. 

And, we know for a fact that resume builder services can cost anywhere between $500 – $3000… plus they don’t even offer

a fraction of what you’re getting here. 

Come to think of it, you’re getting access to a complete breakdown of what makes a great resume, step-by-step instructions, examples, and a winning template. 

There’s no doubt it will work for you! 

It should mean THIS kit should be MORE EXPENSIVE. 

But, it’s not. 

You can get access to this Resume Builder Kit today at an unbelievable price of $27. 

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Purchase your resume builder kit today and use it as much as you want. Put it to the test.  If you like what you see, you can keep it.  But if you don't see the value, you can demand a complete refund. 

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