Lifelong Learner Program

Lifelong Learner Program

Lifelong Learner

The ETHOS Academy Lifelong Learner Program incorporates accountability, engagement, and commitment, to develop ethical leaders who enhance teams and strengthen organizations through the execution of “self-leadership”.

Important Note:

The Lifelong Learner Program is a workbook-based course. If you want to complete the course offline, you can download the entire workbook, along with the three required assignments, under the “ETHOS Alternate Lifelong Learner Workbook and Worksheets” section. Otherwise, you can begin the course in Module 1 under section 2.
NOTE: You are required to fill out and upload the assignments in Modules 4, 8, and 12 before finishing the program.

Course Description

The ETHOS Academy Lifelong Learner Program was developed through thousands of hours of military application and experience building on concepts from the Army Leader Development Strategy to create a comprehensive law enforcement and civilian leadership development program. These same learning concepts are found at the Command and General Staff College, Brigade and Battalion Pre-Command Course, U.S. Army Ranger School, and multiple military Special Operations Courses.

Individual Enrollment

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Multiple Member Enrollment

If you are registering multiple members in your organization, contact ETHOS about group pricing and payment.